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When it comes to poker events the players can be quite discerning. They need to feel the games they go to will be run properly and professionally. With Vegas Events we can ensure that your tournaments are run to the hightest standards possible in the industry and we're willing to stake our reputation on it.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in us managing your event.
Here are some of the services we offer;
Tournament Management
We will design and run any game you wish, whether it's a one off event or a full poker festival.

KHold'em Software 
Using the latest in poker managment technology we can guarantee that the KHold'em software will make your event will run more efficiently than ever before.
It takes the work out of the registration process and runs all the events from a handy portable device.
We have everything you need to run a successful event. From table and chair hire to cards, buttons, chips, seating cards and stationary.
We can supply as many staff as needed for your event. All our staff have one thing in common, they are of the highest standard and have a level of professionalism second to none.
We have a range of staff you can avail of; 
Tournament Co-Ordinator 
Think of him like the conductor of an Orchestra. He will oversee the overall running of your event always ensuring every aspect of the event is running as it should be. He will liase with the organisers regularly and keep you updated on a regular basis.
Tournament Director 
Our TDs are up to date and well trained in the latest rules of poker. They make any rulings or decisions needed and oversee the smooth running of your events.
Floor Staff
Our floor staff aide the TDs with the balancing and breakdown of tables as the tournaments progress.
Dealer Co-Ordinator
On bigger events a Dealer Co-Ordinator is required to manage the large number of dealers required.
We can supply as many dealers as you need based on the numbers expected for your event. Our dealers are some of the best in the world and go about their job with complete professionalism while making the players experience more enjoyable.
When it comes to poker tournaments where large sums of money are involved, as an organiser you need to feel that the money is being managed correctly. We can supply the most efficent and trustworthy cashiers to deal with cash chips and payouts.

For total peace of mind we can supply security staff. 


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